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Contact Information

Cell: (561) 401-1346

Tallahassee Office

3011 Powell Road, Office 1-B
Tallahassee, FL 32308

Tampa Office

133 E. 143rd Avenue
Tampa, FL 33613

Clayton K. McCall, B.S.M.E.

—Forensic Consultant

Professional Profile

Mr. McCall is a degreed Mechanical Engineer and accident reconstruction consultant with over 20 years of experience in the investigation, analysis, and evaluation of vehicle collisions and Transportation Safety incidents. Over the course of his practice, Mr. McCall has managed hundreds of accident reconstruction engineering projects evaluating the vehicular, roadway, and driver factors related to incidents involving all modes of travel, including passenger vehicle, commercial vehicle, motorcycle, ATV, bicycle, pedestrian, industrial equipment, site development, work zone maintenance of traffic, and highway-rail grade crossings.

At Focus Forensics, he applies his broad and deep mechanical and automotive engineering experience to data collection, testing, 3D modeling, vehicle dynamics evaluation, verbal and written communication, and visual demonstration of engineering concepts. Mr. McCall utilizes cutting edge technology to capture evidence and preserve electronic information, including FARO 3D laser scanning, Total Station laser mapping, Bosch CDR vehicle download systems, commercial vehicle Engine Control Module (ECM) data extraction systems, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) mapping and imagery, forensic photography, photogrammetry, and light meter documentation. He is skilled in forensic diagramming and 3D modeling utilizing leading engineering software packages, and is a skilled communicator with clients and public audiences. From on-scene investigation to determining causes and countermeasures, Mr. McCall employs proven scientific methodologies and advanced technology for data collection, engineering evaluation, and comprehensive communication.


Mississippi State University
Starkville, MS
B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Work Experience

Focus Forensics, LLC
Consultant: 2020-Present

Global Engineering and Scientific Solutions
Project Manager: 2007-2020

Benedict Engineering Company Project Manager: 2000-2006

Licensure and Professional Certification

Certified Bosch Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) Technician

OSHA Industry Outreach Training Certification

Remote Pilot – Small Unmanned Aircraft System
Federal Aviation Administration

Professional Development

Collision Safety Institute / ARC

  • ARC-CSI Crash Team Boot Camp, 2013
  • Analysis of Collisions Involving Pedestrians or
    Bicyclists, 2004
  • Vetronix Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) Certified Analyst Course, 2003

Drone Launch Academy

  • FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Course, 2020


  • FARO Focus 3D Scanner Training, 2016

Florida/ Georgia Trucking Association

  • Truck Safety Inspection Program (Safety Management Councils), 2001

Institute of Police Technology and Management

  • Lecture Series, 2019

Northwestern University Center for Public Safety

  • Traffic Accident Reconstruction, 2002
  • Traffic Accident Reconstruction, 2000


  • General Industry Outreach Training Certification, 2001-2002

Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)

  • Fundamentals of Vehicle Dynamics, 2021
  • Heavy Vehicle EDR Course, 2015

Virtual Crash

  • Collision Simulation and Reconstruction, 2021