Imagery continues to proliferate in the transportation environment from numerous sources.  Photographs and video footage are frequently found that have captured some element of an incident or event, such as from security cameras, cell phones, in-cab video recorders, passersby, or investigators.  Focus Forensics is a world leader in the extraction of useful data and evidence from photographs and videos.  We have the software, protocols, and expertise necessary to convert 2-dimensional imagery into 3-dimensional data models for roadway scene evidence, vehicle damage profiles, traffic control setups, or any type of event in the transportation environment.  In some circumstances, our photogrammetry experts and engineers can complete a full collision reconstruction analysis using only photographs or a single video.

Another rapidly expanding modern technology is the use of electronic devices compatible with the Global Positioning System (GPS).  Vehicles, cell phones, aftermarket guidance systems, and commercial telematics systems all have the capability of recording historical coordinate data for a person or vehicle as they move through space and time.  Focus Forensics engineers have extensive experience in acquiring data from these sources, and can provide guidance to assist you with this process.  More importantly, the Focus Forensics team has well established methodologies for converting simple coordinate data into a fully encompassing recreation of critical moments in a collision event.

If you have questions about electronic data, you may need someone to help you interpret the underlying sources and apply the information in a way that helps you understand all of the details and the big picture of an incident.  Call Focus Forensics to discuss how we can assist you.

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