When something goes wrong or an engineered system fails, Forensic Engineers apply the principles of engineering to troubleshoot and determine the root cause.  A specialized understanding of mechanical systems, mechanical design and mechanics is critical in analyzing incidents that involve the failure of mechanical or structural components, as well as understanding how they integrate and behave within our human-environment.  Focus Forensics’ Mechanical Engineers have the academic and industry experience to understand, analyze, and forensically evaluate and reconstruct failures, events, and systems governed by the laws of physics.

We have applied our mechanical engineering expertise to evaluate the following areas:

Mechanical component or systems failures
  • Vehicular components
  • Construction equipment
  • Lawn equipment
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • School chairs, park benches, and seating
Mechanical Design
  • Manufacturing and installation of mechanical components
Kinematics, Kinetics and Dynamics
  • Fluid and Aerodynamics
  • Vehicle performance / dynamics
    • Passenger vehicles
    • Commercial vehicles
    • Motorcycles
    • Golf carts
    • Bicycles
    • ATV’s
  • Analysis of motions, forces and displacements of objects or systems

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