Transportation Safety Engineering is the application of scientific and engineering principles to the safe design, construction, operation, and maintenance of transportation facilities.  Transportation engineers design each component of the roadway system to meet a specific set of needs utilizing industry-accepted design criteria and published guidelines.  Relevant transportation engineering guidelines, standards, and literature are utilized by the Transportation Engineers of Focus Forensics to evaluate all of the components of the system.  This expertise is often called upon by clients interested in understanding the safety aspects of various transportation facilities, and how they may have factored into an individual event or pattern of incidents:

Circumstances that require the expert knowledge of our transportation engineers may include:

  • Roadway geometric design of curves, hills, travel lanes, medians, shoulders, intersections, and interchanges;
  • Intersection sight distance
  • Roadside hazards and barriers
  • Parking lots, transit stations and pedestrian access facilities
  • Sidewalks, bicycle paths, and multi-use trails
  • Traffic signals and pedestrian signals
  • Red Light / Green Light Signal Timing Evaluations.
  • Signs, pavement markings, and traffic control devices
  • Highway-Rail Grade Crossings
  • Multimodal facilities
  • Advanced Warning and Positive Guidance for Motorists and Road Users
  • Highway Work Zone Safety and Temporary Traffic Control

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