Our process includes using rigorous data collection technologies to retrieve evidence from roadways, vehicles, “black box” downloads of passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles, video sources, photographs, documents, and testimony.

Our passion for thoroughness in data collection and evidence retrieval means you will have all of the available information at your disposal.

At Focus Forensics, We Make the Picture Clear.

We FOCUS on the details of every case.


Collision events can seem complex and chaotic. Our role is to help our clients understand the full context of an incident. This may require a multi-faceted investigation, including factors related to vehicles, drivers, pedestrians, roadways, roadsides, and traffic control devices.

When completed, our rigorous engineering analyses can simplify even the most complex matter to its fundamental issues. We will understand what happened, and why. After talking to us, you will understand it too.

At Focus Forensics, We Make the Picture Clear.

We bring the big picture into FOCUS.


Our numerous repeat clients are the best indication of the quality of our engineering services. We serve our clients with everything from Quick Response investigations within minutes of an incident, to Expert Witness testimony in trial many years after the date of loss.

With decades of shared experience in the field of Forensic Engineering, our engineers and staff understand the roles of consulting engineers and expert witnesses in the legal and insurance claim industries. We will work with you within that framework to meet deadlines, share insights, and present robust opinions supported by the leading available scientific and engineering methods.

At Focus Forensics, We Make the Picture Clear.

We FOCUS on Client Service and Satisfaction.


No matter who calls us for consulting services on a given incident, we will always work our hardest to determine the fundamental issues and engineering facts of the case.

Utilizing robust engineering principles and advanced analysis techniques, we will provide you with the information you need in a timely fashion, so that you can determine how you to proceed.

At Focus Forensics, We Make the Picture Clear.

We FOCUS on Engineering Integrity.


Complex engineering concepts can be conveyed to clients and the community with modern technology and through timeless verbal, written, graphic, and animation tools.

Whether asked to communicate through reports, testimony, or demonstrative aides, our firm specializes in the presentation of information so that the matter is understood by everyone in the room.

At Focus Forensics, We Make the Picture Clear.

We FOCUS on Communication.


Engineering and Transportation Systems continue to evolve at a rapid rate. Our firm actively participates in research and development of leading-edge methods and tools for the investigation and analysis of transportation safety incidents.

From Point Cloud scanning and Black Box Downloads to 3-D Animations and Video Processing, we have been and will continue to be a Technology-based firm that provides our clients with the best available technical resources.

At Focus Forensics, We Make the Picture Clear.

We FOCUS on Technology.