Trained inspection teams and appropriate physics methods are necessary to correctly model and analyze commercial vehicle collisions because they involve massive weight, stiff structures, articulation points, and unique collision scenarios.

When incidents exceed the capabilities of a typical accident investigator, our forensic engineers employ scientific methods to fully evaluate all the issues.We have completed hundreds of high-profile commercial vehicle assignments across North America, from immediate response to trial testimony. Our engineers understand the mechanical systems, data collection needs, regulatory framework, physical attributes, and engineering challenges that make heavy vehicle and tractor-trailer accidents unique from traditional vehicular accident reconstruction.

Front End Damage on CarOur commercial truck expertise includes:

  • Scene investigations
  • Vehicle inspections
  • Black Box downloads (Event Data Recorders)
  • Safety regulations
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR)
  • Out-of-service criteria
  • Driver hours of service
  • Tractor-trailer rollovers
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) Data Analysis